Real Food, Made Vegan


Made Vegan is a Chicago based vegan food blog all about real food, made vegan. It is a wonderful collaboration of friends including me, Trisha Star, a vegan cook and hair stylist, Keturah Davis, food and architectural photographer, and Tony Perez, Trisha’s husband and graphic designer. Made Vegan is all about recreating familiar recipes vegan style made with wholesome, organic, real ingredients. It’s fun, it’s approachable but most of all it’s yummy vegan food. Lots of folks think vegan food is made from bizarro ingredients, not necessarily so. Take this journey with me, transform your dishes into delicious vegan wonderfulness. Whether it’s Made Vegan dining out, entertaining, or simply at home, once a week or everyday, my recipes will be sure to delight even the toughest meat-eating critic.



Trisha Star

I absolutely love cooking for friends and family. I was vegetarian for about 15 years and was a pretty darn good vegetarian cook. I had tried being vegan in my twenties and failed miserably while living in Michigan. A while back, Tony was like, “Let’s go vegan!” and I was like…”Awesome!” This time I did all my research! I wanted to stay away from processed foods and eat wholesome real vegan food. I knew if I focused, I could knock this vegan cooking thing out of the park (well at least to our taste buds). So the journey began and I have never looked back. I enjoy cooking now more than ever and just can’t image my life any other way. These days Tony and I live in Chicago with our four cats. By day, I am a hair stylist and makeup artist specializing in natural, vegan and organic beauty care. Say hi sometime! Trisha’s website:

Keturah Davis

I’m so excited to be the resident photographer here at Made Vegan! If Trisha is the voice of this project, I am the eyes. I have been taking pictures most of my life and have spent a good chunk of time in the food service industry as well. Recently it all came together for me in one brilliant revelation: food photography!! When I’m not taking pictures of food, I turn my focus to my other passion: architectural photography. Trisha has been one of my long time best friends and I’m thrilled to be along for this ride! Keturah’s website:

Tony Perez

Tony is Trisha’s husband. He’s awesome. He is a true vegan food enthuasist and an amazing creative soul. Tony works on the creative team at a large marketing agency in Chicago. He is the one responsible for our super cool Made Vegan logo. As the blog develops you will get a chance to see more of his design work but for now, he will merely be reaping the benefits of Made Vegan, which means, eating the yummy vegan food Trisha makes, one plate at a time. Tony’s website: